Thursday, February 5, 2009

Restaurant Week 2009 - Extended

If you went out for dinner in NYC every single evening for your entire life, you could eat at a different restaurant every single evening. Unfortunately, B and I have our regular haunts and we have trouble convincing ourselves to deviate from our favorites. However, when Restaurant Week rolls around we are usually able to get ourselves to try something new.

I was very happy this morning when I read that Restaurant Week 2009 is being extended. Click HERE for more details about which restaurants are participating in the extended RW.

Follow this Link for more information about the "regularly scheduled" Restaurant Week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Macaroni and Cheese Nirvana - S'mac

Another of my favorite places, S'mac is a great food option in the city that is wallet friendly. You will leave S'mac full, happy, and better yet, the damage will only be $8-$12 per person. My favorite is the alpine with extra bacon. The cheeseburger mac n' cheese is another favorite.

Don't get discouraged if there is a line and no place to sit when you walk in. The turn over is pretty quick, so by the time your mac n' cheese is ready to be eaten, you'll have a table.

If you eat your mac n' cheese at the restaurant, you will be given a number so that the waiters can find you when your mac n' cheese is finished. The cheesy goodness is served in a cast iron skillet that has baked to perfection keeping the outside crispy and the inside ooey gooey (this is technical jargon).

If the weather is nice, consider ordering your mac n' cheese to go and head over to Tompkins Square Park a few blocks away (Avenues A to B, and East 7 to East 10 streets).

You might not believe me when you see the cast iron dishes, but a Nosh sized mac n' cheese is more than enough for one person. However, if you have a little room after you've finished, consider heading over to ChikaLicious (203 E. 10th St.) or the Dessert Club (204 E. 10th Street) for dessert.

Warning, these are not activities for those who are on a diet. However, if you want to take the weekend off from your diet, S'mac is definitely worth it!

Location: 345 East 12th Street (btw 1st and 2nd Avenue), NY, NY 10003
Phone: 212-358-7912
Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11:00am - 11:00pm; Friday - Saturday 11:00am - 1:00am
Directions: Take the L train to 14th Street and 1st Avenue; 6 train to Astor Place (short walk), or take any of the trains that stop at Union Square (short walk).